Friday, November 20, 2009

The Blog Lives

Unfortunately this blog has been dormant for more than a year. The main reason I haven't closed it, is the link collections which have been quite useful for my own web searching. However, it now has a "follower" and I take that as an obligation to revitalize it.

The main reason it never really got started probably was too high ambitions coupled with a few books that were very difficult to review fairly. Therefore my first project will be a series of mini reviews starting December 1st.

In 2010 I will try to have at least one monthly collection of reviews. In addition I will occasionally add some other thoughts on chess reviewers, publishers, authors and maybe even chess readers.

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Books Awaiting a Review

  • Attacking the Spanish (Brunello)
  • Build Up Your Chess 3 Mastery (Yusupov)
  • Dangerous Weapons: The Pirc and Modern (Palliser, McNab & Vigus)
  • Kaissiber (German Magazine)
  • Zuke 'Em (Rudel)

Note for Chess Book Publishers

If you would like me to review a book, please send it to my postal address:

Sverre Johnsen
Bogstadveien 30B
0355 Oslo

I cannot guarantee that all received books will be reviewed but I will do my best. There of course is no guarantee that a review will be positive but if it seems relevant I will point out positive aspects even if my overall impression is negative.

I can be reached by email at: